Nautical sanding

Bioboat revolutionize the retirement of toxic antifouling paints

Settled in the heart of the "Golfe de Saint-Tropez", Bioboat use in exclusivity a process which is specially made for modern yachting.

This patented process meets shipping yards and marina's requirements.

Wheat for sanding

a process 100% green, clean and dry

Exclusive technic

  • no specific implementation
  • no tarpaulin, no isolation
  • no dust's reject

100% clean technic

  • organic, clean and dry
  • total control of wastes
  • we only use an exclusive green abrasive and air, no water

Agriculture in nautical's industry's service

Our goal : giving you The sanding's solution for your boats and the retirement of submarine paints.
We are conscious about pollution's issues in technicals areas. The biggests are water's rejects and wastes from careening's operations.
The alternative of pollution's issues in marinas. Let's save our coastline !

Bioboatisation !

The sanding's solution

  • We are mobiles and flexibles through our mobile treatment's unity
  • We get used to most challenging constraints (wintering halls, urban areas)

After we act, your hull is ready for any treatment, whatever his type.
Pour une expertise, un refit, ou une transaction.
Retrouver une coque saine et un aspect d’origine.   

A patented abrasive

Our patented abrasive is a sanding's product made of green polymer obtained from specials wheats.
100% green, it is totally environmental and biodegradable. Specially made and researched for sanding of all modern hull used in nautical industry (gelcoat, plyester, kevlar, carbon, aluminium, wood, etc.)
The abrasive act without hull's deterioration. It allow a selective sanding (layer by layer) and a complete sanding according to the grain texture used and it preserve preliminaries preparations.