Nautical Stripping

Revolutionises the removal of toxic antifouling paint

Located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Bioboat uses an exclusive process specially designed
for the world of modern boating.

The patented process meets the requirements of shipyards and marinas alike.

Wheat for stripping

100 % organic, clean and dry technique

Exclusive Technique

  • No special application required
  • No tarpaulin or insulation required
  • No dust created

100% clean technique

  • Organic, clean and dry
  • Full waste management
  • Our water free application uses only air and an exclusive vegetable abrasive.

Agriculture serving the nautical industry

Our goal is to offer you the best stripping solution for your hull - for the removal of underwater paint. We understand the pollution problems existing in technical areas.
The most important issues are those concerning the water and waste discharge caused by fairing work.

The alternative to the pollution problems of marinas. Let's protect our coastline!!!

Bioboatisation !

The stripping solution for underwater hulls

  • Mobility and flexibility thanks to our mobile treatment unit.
  • Adapted to suit the most demanding constraints (winter storage or urban areas)

We can ensure that all hull types are prepared to receive the best treatment for their current
Whether for an expert opinion, a refit, or a sale.
Restore a healthy hull and a brand new look.  

A patented abrasive

This patented abrasive designed by our partner is a stripping product made of vegetable polymers
and obtained from special wheats.
100 % organic, completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Specially designed and manufactured to strip all modern surfaces used in the nautical industry, such
as gelcoat, polyester, kevlar, carbon, aluminium, wood and more.

The abrasive agents acts without altering substrates (surfaces) - it enables selective stripping, layer
by layer, or complete stripping, according to the particle size being used, and it protects all
preliminary preparations.